torsdag 18 maj 2017

Verinssage 21.04.2017 Natalia Egorova "Recensere"

Natalia Egorovas works are to a large extent works based on process, where the finished work and the process struggle for attention, often displayed works can be documentation of performance and intervention. In her pieces Natalia Egorova incorporates historical, scientific and social aspects. The presence of the uncanny is often hinted beyond her works. With a background in printmaking Natalia now focuses on video as her main expression, often this is combined with performance. In the exhibition "Recensere" Natalia shows works from the past six years in her carreer. The works range from interpretations of a strict disciplinary education/upbringing , a notion of a connection between inner personal space and the outside world and the struggle in monotonous marching towards an uncertain future but not moving. Egorovas works can be interpreted as preparation for as well an individual trauma as a collective trauma in an ever more uncertain and authoritarian world.