torsdag 21 januari 2016

Adela Jušić "I did nothing wrong"

The exhibition "I did nothing wrong" is opening 29th of January at 19:00.

Adela Jušić (1982) from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is co-founder and working at Association for Culture and Art CRVENA on different cultural and feminist projects. The artist is working with performance, video and installation.

This exhibition of Adela Jušić’s work brings together key pieces from the last eight years. These are artworks that trace the contours of a national trauma, framed in an intensely personal lens. In a world of seemingly perpetual neo-liberal resource wars and competing propaganda, it is forgivable for a 2016 audience to lose the thread of past conflicts, to have the details of individual battles and atrocities run into one another without differentiation. In an era of the perpetual present, where the unremarkable personal anecdote and life-event  is given relentless significance on social media, we could be forgiven for a gentle indifference to an art practice based on personal biography. 

These works act as a sharp corrective to the disinterested and jaded Western gaze, and as a provocation to our blunted sense of empathy.