måndag 20 februari 2017

The Other

The project called "The Other", led by Joakim Hansson and Sofia Runarsdotter, took place in Mostar, Bosnia Hercegovina between may 2015 and september 2016.

Workshops, seminars, presentations and discussions were arranged in order to lead up to a collection of images created by the participants, showing how they see their lives in their hometown of Mostar, a town that not long ago was ravaged by war. A war that some of the participants in the project were not a part of as they were born after the diseintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, while others experienced it as children growing up.

Even though a large amount of the participants in the project have no personal experience of the war they have inherited the war through the memories of their parents, relatives and other persons older than them. The conflict ended two decades ago, yet still affects the people of Mostar today. It is unavoidably a part of the collective and individual stories that the towns selfimage rests upon and it is a basis for thinking of ones own townspeople as devided into "us" and "them".