måndag 5 oktober 2015

Captain Lightfoot presents The Usher 8th of October 18:00

The Usher is the next group exhibition by artist run collective Captain Lightfoot. Working in collaboration with Novia and the YA Fine Arts department Captain Lightfoot will present new works by the three members of the collective; further exploring their ongoing research into narrative in visual art and curating.

Stripping Galleri Gro of its own light and structure a little like the creeping Finnish winter, Captain Lightfoot will create a new and unfamiliar space for the viewer; one primarily of darkness. The Usher is a performative exhibition that intimately leads the viewer through its space. Different artworks and details of the building emerge from the darkness; exposed for varying lengths of time these artworks demand the viewers attention before disappearing again.

Captain Lightfoot act as the usher in this performance; playfully exploring the language created between the artworks themselves and their occupied space, whilst questioning the viewers own placement within this narrative.